Crossing Minds State-of-the-Art Recommendation API

Recommendation and personalization are simple ways to increase sales by making product suggestions to customers based on historical behavior. This can be applied not only to e-commerce but also to music, gaming, events, articles and more.

Crossing Minds is democratizing access to recent gains in artificial intelligence research by building the world’s best content recommendation platform.

Get familiar with our API endpoints and explore their features.


The Crossing Minds API follows the REST conventions for resource-oriented URLs. The API accepts and returns either JSON-encoded data or binary-serialized python objects, and uses standard HTTP response codes, verbs, and JWT authentication.

Table of Content

Machine Learning Concepts

Machine Learning Concept


Deep Collaborative Filtering

Pinpoint complex patterns to predict taste, in ways that go beyond matrix factorization

Deep Content Extraction

Extract deep information from images or texts to generate meaningful recommendations of new items

Semantic Graph Embedding

Leverage all available information to further increase the accuracy of the recommendations, enabling users to discover hidden gems